The Dresser is a clothing rack with a modern fusion of style and practicality. Our dresses are designed by fashion thissells, who have been creating designs for high-end fashion houses for the past decade. With so many different possibilities built into our design, these pieces are more than functional.

We know the importance of style to help you stand out, so we offer a wide range of top quality fashion designer dresses, including the best-sellers like Sade and the hot new designers. From cocktail party dresses to homecoming gowns, our everyday wear clothing is designed to flatter your figure and make you look good.

With a focus on exploring contemporary design and fashion, dresser is a collection of bespoke products created to help you live more fully as a woman. Our product designers meticulously craft each piece with a strong sense of point of view, so we can create pieces that are beautiful to look at and full of purpose.

Our designers, patternmakers and seamstresses combine the art of fashion and the craft of architecture to create our unique custom made dressers.

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