1. Course has to be finished within time specified.

2. Time Extension will be given only for valid Medical reason. (But cannot be recurring).

3. For any reason, if the institute provides leaves than those leaves will be extended.

4. Sewing machine at home is compulsory.

5. Every day new topic will be taught. Assignments given have to be completed on time, no excuses will be entertained.

6. Students should attend the classes on time and leave on time.

7. Fees to be paid in full.

8. If any instalments are provided than the balance fees has to be paid on or before the date specified. Beyond the date Rs. 250/- per day will be charged for the no of days delayed.

9. There will be no refund given.

10. Course does not include any type of material supplies from the Institute.

11. We do not provide any printed material.

12. Questions or queries apart from the course opted will not be entertained.

13. Students have to create their own notes from the lectures.

14. Students should always carry muslin fabrics.

15. Institute or Management will not be responsible for any loss of materials/ items left by students.